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Free dynamic names on the domains we provide.

Usually ISP (Internet Service Providers) assign you a different IP-address each time you connect to the net via modem, ISDN or xDSL. DynDNS is a service, that provides you with a valid, unchanging, internet domain name (an URL) to go with that (possibly everchanging) IP-address.

This way you have the same name (or URL) to give others when they need to contact your server, regardless of your IP-address. We even provide a service so DynDNS itself can inform your friends if you're not online.

How does it work?

DynDNS Pro
Enables you to manage all name related aspects for your own domain names.

This includes our special features such as dynamic updateable IP-addresses and browser request forwarding (to another URL). This can be simply managed using DynDNS Pro.

All the standard name server settings (A-, CNAME-, MX-records etc.) can be controlled as well.

Current pricing
Free. No support.

3 minutes to next name server update.

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